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E3 EXPO 2022

Passion project to come up with a new logo design for the yearly E3 Expo as well as incorporating the new logo design onto merchandise such as bags, t shirts and also incorporating a new badge design to capture the video game theme of what E3 Expo is all about, the release of upcoming video games which is to create a new fresh modern look for the logo. I researched video game themed backgrounds to give a sense of the video gaming industry landscape through design with a simple and neat design and layout for the badge design which I drew inspiration and creative direction from the creative design of the San Diego Comic Con  badge design has done for the convention badges and having the badge sent to the recipients by mail in a special swag box. From the original logo I utilized the same color palette to give the E3 Expo logo a new look and more modern. I also put the logo on three types of bags the convention could give out to attendees like a swag bag they could possibly give out.

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