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My name is Leanne Maniwang and I’m a graphic designer who specializes in branding logo design, digital imaging, typography and content creation. Being able to be a visual storyteller through creative input is a role I take seriously. Effectively creating and communicating design in an artistic

way has always intrigued me. It really brings a great challenge for me in order to think outside of the box, which sparks even more creative ideas for design. 


The fascinating beauty about being a designer is I will always find inspiration in the most unexpected ways. I love it too much to quit-so much that my purpose and scope is much bigger than designing something that looks good. I create to inspire and impact others by sharing my creative journey and visual storytelling.


Anything in my life I find inspirational is valuable not just to me but also to someone else. I put it out on the internet whether it

be through Facebook, Instagram and one day Tik Tok (still going back and forth of when to start a Tik Tok and get out of comfort zone). It ranges from anything from art and design such as my creative process in concept designs, projects, and video content.


Hope you enjoy browsing through my work!

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