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Hello my name is Leanne Maniwang I am a Graphic Designer. I earned an Associate Degree in Studio Arts at Southwestern College back in 2016 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art in emphasis is Multimedia at San Diego State University in 2018. I am a flexible and creative Graphic Designer capable of delivering different multiple different art and video projects. I am dedicated to designing professional projects for agency/business approach through multimedia design.


I am here to provide for your graphic design needs in any form of media whether it is print, web, social media, photo, and video. I can help humanize your brand through visual story telling and eye catching graphics. As a designer I take the fundamental skills to conceptualize your brand to create designs in order to communicate your vision. I take pride in whether to increase social media presence in terms of likes and engagement with audience, and contributing design to a great cause whether it if is business/agency related or any other cause.

Through research and dedication, I will help you stand out from the competition. My goal is to strengthen your brand and connect you to your audience. I am highly passionate about graphic design, photography, video editing, drawing, traveling, video games and also a hunger to always to keep on learning new things when it comes to the brand identity of the video game industry.



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